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Privacy policy


We only collect personal data where it is relevant for us, or if the data is relevant for your activity at Fotowerk.

When collection, processing and using your personal data, we always obey the legislations relevant to your personal data.

We store your personal data in the period required legally by danish laws, or for as long as it is relevant to the intent in which it was collected.


If you want to purchase a product or service from Fotowerk, we need to collect relevant userdata to complete the transactions for our services. We may use cookies to keep track of your shopping baskets contents, while you use our website.

We are able to collect information containing your name, e-mail, address, phone number and payment info.

Fotowerk Aps collect and process your personal data when you do the following:

  • Visite our website
  • Send us questions or feedback through our email or contact forms.


The data collectors responsible collecting, processing, and using your personal information at www.fotowerk.dk is Fotowerk Aps, Sandtoften 10K, 2820 Gentofte. CVR-nr: 27663494


Your commonly used contact info such as your name and address is collected so we are able to provide you with the product, or service, you’ve purchased from us. Your e-mail address is collected to send you order and delivery confirmations.

If you, while registering or on our website, have permitted us to use your data, we will use your e-mail to sent newsletters. You can at any point cancel these e-mails. All newsletters contains a link for cancelling.
If the processing of your personal data has your consent, you are able to revoke your consent at any time.

All of your data (except your email, if you’ve specifically consented to receiving newsletter and/or offers) will be deleted after 1 year, since you last used our services.


We do not sell or transfer your personal data to third-party companies, people, or countries.

Our website is hosted at www.simply.com, whom acts as our data handler. All personal data you provide on our website will be stored at www.simply.com‘s data centres

We make use of third-party companies for supplying our services as best as we can. These third-party suppliers may handle personal data relevant to your service/purchase, at our discretion and instructions – while still obeying the laws and legislations for data handling.


When your personal data is collected, you have the following rights, which we at any time must obey. You have the right to request the following:

  • Accessing, deleting or editing your personal data.

You have the right to protest the handling of your personal data, and at any time reserve the right to file a complaint to the authorities for data protection.

If you no longer wish for us to process your personal data, or wish for us to limit the processing of your data, send an e-mail to ah@fotowerk.dk to tend to your specific needs.

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